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The Side of History I Choose to Fight On

I’m on a couple of online dating sites (no, I’m not telling which and if you’re interested in dating pls just send me a pm)..
And today a very nice man from Germany messaged me. He had read my profile and was remarking that it would be nice to talk to someone in English and so we’re talking back and forth me in German with him correcting and in theory me correcting his English but of course his English is perfect.
He basically was begging me to consider moving to England or Canada and be safe. And I told him I could not do such a thing.
He tried to tell me that what is happening here is what happened in Germany and I finally explained I had studied German history… in Germany. I understand and I can’t just leave.
Some folks can leave. You have the financial ability and the desire to leave.
I don’t. If I want to be a nurse in another country, I’m limited to which countries have the same style of nursing as the US. I have received multiple emails from English agencies offering to pay for British boards.
But fascism is not limited to the United States. It is sweeping the world like a malignancy and Trump is just a symptom of the cancer.
What I said to him:
“It is so much worse than people outside know. I am torn between my fear and desire to leave and understanding that people like me will need to stay and fight.”
He said he understood, but he would still worry about people like me. I told him I hoped so because we might need Germany to save the world this time.
And then we stopped talking because honestly.. as much as I have always wanted to live in Germany, I need to stay here and fight. Because fascism and Nazis are in the United States. There is a house full less than a mile away.
So this is where I’m staying, and a fight is coming. So many Americans think the fight is against people of color. You can tell by how many White Americans treat the police like their personal shield against even seeing Black folks.
The fight is against Fascism. It’s against Nazis. It’s for the lives of people of color, queer folks, trans folks, Jewish folks, Muslims. This is the fight of our generation and while I would love a vacation from the US, I will be staying here for the fight.
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