Nurses, Ebola and Whistleblowing: A Recent History

Nurses, Ebola and Whistleblowing, A Recent History Regarding Texas

In which I discuss laws against anonymous whistleblowing in Texas, which has led to a culture of fear among medical staff and patients, which could lead to a worsening outbreak of Ebola in Texas.

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  1. Jeannie Fitzgerald

    First of all, if they didn’t have a specific protocol for ebola they should have used the anthrax protocol. Second: you can tell that Nina Pham is a relatively new nurse and has a lot of enthusiasm and faith in the hospital administration. They always throw nurses under the bus, but she doesn’t know that-yet ! Let’s cut her some slack. It figures they would use a newly certified nurse to handle the most critical patient for which no other nurse has had experience treating ( to ask questions; get advice). If anything went wrong they could blame her and claim she didn’t know the protocol and that was the reason for the outbreak. Oh, let’s not forget that there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 people caring for him. Why not reduce the number of contacts to the bare minimum ?

    I can’t say enough for the whistleblower. She is a brave soul and should probably get a medal and some financial support- since they will fire her. Stop throwing the nurses under the bus ! We have a choice to submit our bodies to harm or walk away. We choose to care for the sick. Treat us with respect as we do for every person who needs care.

    I am one of the nurses whose life has been drastically changed and disabled as a result of direct care of my patients.

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